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To learn more about the personalized services inquire by using "Contact Us".  or give me a call at 970-759-5410. Our goal is to give you 100% peace of mind.  Is OH&O right for you?  Give er a go - we offer a discount to first time customers on routine cleanings and offer a referral bonus to current clients.


Do you Desire a Difference? Try Us!


Our house cleaning and maid services are exceptional!  We cover things that many may not consider (see "Cleaning" page above). 

 * homes 

* small offices 

* move in/out (checklist, deposit and signed agreement required)

* vacation properties (checklist, deposit and signed agreement required) 

* small organizing projects

* maid services 



* courteous and pleasant

* timely and reliable

* consistently and dependably cleaner

* offer competitive rates

* efficient  

* licensed


* local references  

Standard Rates

A. Hourly Rate: $30 per hour

B. Man Hours: each person on the jobsite.

C. Total Hours: number of hours it takes to complete the work.

Price: A x B x C = Total Due

Note: We DO NOT provide estimates.  All services are billed at hourly rates.

** Special pricing may be offered on occasion to New Clients if discussed in advance.


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