An Orderly Office

Interiors and Behind Appliances


OH&O 11.10.2012 - Mold and Spills in Freezer

Refrigerator cleaning, stain and odor removal... the refrigerator is the largest appliance in the kitchen and also one of the most important.  Its purpose is to keep the food that is stored in it safe and germ free until it's ready to be used.  However, it does not stop the growth of bacteria.  So it is very important to keep your refrigerator clean so that your food remains safe to consume.

Liquids seep into places that are hard to reach and shelving must be taken apart to clean throughly.   


OH&O 11.05.2012 Years of Buildup Under Stove

Interior - Spills happen.  It doesn't matter how careful you place the dinner in the oven, you will eventually get baked on grease, spills and splatters from cooking your favorite dishes.

Sides areas and behind the stove - Surprised?  Out of site stuff is often over looked until something valuable is dropped behind or kicked underneath and the stove is pulled away from the wall.