Dear Becky,

I recently found a routine that has minimized our clutter.  My husband and I have been talking about moving into a tiny home yet I find that he has a very hard time letting go of things so I started telling him to go in that direction and start decluttering.  

We have a cleaning team come over a couple times a month to help clean and found that my guy will prep without hesitation for the cleaning crew.  In the past, I would flog him every few weeks to try to get his cooperation and help in cleaning the house.  Now we pre-clean our designated areas prior to their arrival without arguing.   

To prep we pull everything off the shelves that we want to have cleaned and put knick knacks away (or in a box) and after the helpers are done we both wipe the things down before they go onto the shelves and set things aside that can be donated.  I wish I had learned this strategy years ago!  

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