There is no real easy way.  The nature of the beast is that they are time consuming to clean or dust.  After spending the morning cleaning up to 15 blinds I was driven to find an easier way to clean blinds. 

Commercial Method (plastic) 
Here is what I found.  Do not clean wooden blinds by putting them in water as wood absorbs moisture. As for plastic blinds there are shops that use ultrasonic sound waves but the blinds must be taken off the wall.   These machines are very expensive ranging from 13-17 k.  This leads me to believe that shops using ultrasonic cleaning machines must be pretty pricey. 

Hand Cleaning
Many of the hand cleaning methods used most often (when blinds are 
grimy) was to run a 1/2 bucket of water and add a splash of vinegar to the water.  Dunk a microfiber rag into the water and ring out the rag till it is slightly damp.  Starting at the top slat wipe each by gripping the rag around the slat and running it in one direction.  Continue wiping each slat working your way down to the bottom of the blind.  Rinse the rag as needed.  

Some recommend using a cleaning glove or old sock and spritzing it with water or light cleaner to clean.

To maintain window coverings some use a lamb’s wool duster or feather duster frequently and on occasion apply either a wood cleaner, polish or a dusting wax regularly to keep the blinds from accumulating dust.

It seemed that the Norwex dusting mitts and a misting bottle of water might work very well.  The mitt has a thick, terrycloth-like texture that will last for years.,743,203.aspx

There is also the EasyClean Duster that cleans any size slats 1", 2", & 3" for light cleanings.

After viewing many of the "Best Ways to Clean Blinds" I've decided that I'd try this maintenance technique... to wipe blinds with a static cloth sprayed lightly with a homemade natural anti-static spray.

Homemade Natural Anti static Spray Ingredients
* add organic Witch Hazel extract in a small spray bottle...
* add 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (optional)
* spray on a static cloth and voila!

I'd like to hear your window blind cleaning tips and tricks.  Write to me at