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apartment therapist - Letting Go
To much stuff is a common problem, especially when your home is on the smaller side.  Maxwell Ryan shares his secret for clearing out.  

Keep it Clutter Free 
Maintain order in your living room, office, kitchen, or bedroom with more secrets to organization success.  

"My method for easing the anxiety of letting something go is to use what I call an Outbox, Maxwell Says.  Here is how it works:

Set Up: Find a space for your Outbox.  It doesn't need to be a physical box, just an out-of-the-way place such as a closet or guest room.  For smaller homes, it can be the corner of a room or the space behind a door.  The outbox is not a "toss-it" pile, but rather a holding spot for items we're unsure about.

Consider: Choose a space that needs decluttering.  It can be a small bookcase or an entire room.  Examine every item in that space and ask yourself: 
Do I love it?
Do I use it?
Does my home need it?
If you answer "no" to any question, place the item in the Outbox.

Decide: Anything can go in the Outbox, but it must stay there for at least a week.  After a week you can choose to keep it, get rid of it, or -- if you're still unsure -- wait one more week.  You'll find that once the separation anxiety has passed, it's easy to clean out and clear out a space.