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"An OH&O provides the very best residential / house cleaning service in Durango, Colorado!"     



1) be more relaxed

2) have more time to yourself

3) have more time for loved ones

4) be a better role model

5) feel good about your environment

6) be healthier

7) breathe easier

8) do better professionally

9) save more

10) achieve more 

Consistently & Dependably Cleaner

We'll amaze you during your initial cleaning and continue to impress you.  With An Orderly Home & Office you'll find we can help you to maintain a "Perfectly Orderly House" and it will be consistently and dependably cleaner!

If you have special requests, please ask! Our services are quite flexible.  

Yes! We Can Do It Your Way!

You may need a one time cleaning before visitors arrive or having a party or routine cleanings.  Homes generally require routine cleanings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to maintain a state of cleanliness.  As a place to start you might use the attached list to assist in customizing the cleaning of your home.  This list can be modified as you wish.  

We work very hard on each project to ensure that your goals are met!  You are ALWAYS our #1 priority.

Note: The initial cleaning may take more time because it may require more scrubbing.  We can do a thorough scrubbing the first time (initial cleaning) or we can clean deeper each time we return until there is only maintenance cleaning needed.  

Pet Friendly

Routine House Cleaning

What’s Included?

The list may be tailored to your needs:

Vacuum (including edges and hardwood and tiled floors, sofas and chairs)

* Wash kitchen and bathroom floors with microfiber cleaning head (hand scrubbed if preferred)

* Wash all tiled and hardwood floors with microfiber cleaning pads.

* Regularly dust and spot clean baseboards and door moldings–maintained.

* Dust furniture, sills, ledges, woodwork, ceiling fans and wall hangings.

* Extra - clean window blinds, doorknobs and light switches.

* Clean entry-way windows & doors.

* Make beds and change sheets as needed.

* Clean, shine, and disinfect bathrooms, including fixtures, counter tops and floors.

* Clean kitchen, includes table, chair legs, sinks, appliance exteriors, counter tops, cabinet fronts.

* Clean outside refrigerator and microwave.

* Extra - clean inside refrigerator and ovens.

* On occasion - empty / load dishwasher and wash pots, if any.

* Empty trash and clean inside and outside trash containers.

* Sweep front and rear porches (weather permitting).

Note: Other tasks such as sweeping garages can be incorporated into your regular assignment if time allows and considered in the price quoted.  If at any time you find something that you wish to add (please discuss time and costs on adding any large projects before hand).  This may include detailing BBQ grills, and any large appliances.  Basements can be included in your regular cleaning assignment, or added from time to time upon request.  


Maid Service: Walls, Refrigerators, Ovens, Tile, & Windows *more scrubbing time may be required.

Other Cleaning Projects:  Interior Spring Cleaning, Move Out Cleaning. Resorts. Vacation Homes, Small Offices   

Cleaning Supplies

We use regular and green cleaning supplies.

If you have a preference we will use your recommended cleaning products -- again "We Do It Your Way!".   We try to use earth friendly products whenever possible.    


Norwex - Improving Quality of Life "Norwex is committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning to promote health and ecology.  More than ever emphasizing the positive environmental impact of reducing chemical use”

"The Enviro Cloths remove dust, dirt and grease from surfaces; while preventing the transfer of germs to your hands and cross contamination between surfaces.  The antibac window clothes (or paper towels) clean windows, mirrors, and polish chrome leaving surfaces with a streak-free shine." 


Newest Equipment and Supplies - Love our Dyson Vacuums! "Dyson DC41 Animal is a Dyson Ball™ upright vacuum with the latest Radial Root Cyclone™ technology. It generates the strongest suction power at the cleaner head, to powerfully remove dust, dirt and pet hair from the home. Includes a Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car. Lifetime washable filter traps microscopic allergens.”

My challenge, use any traditional vacuum afterward using the Dyson there will still be a significant amount of hair and dust caught in the canister.  Many vacuums use cloth bags to filter the air and allows the smaller dust particles back into the room. 

Sandia "Raven" - Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, easiest way to clean hard surface floors before mopping.  Sandia Whisper Ravel is made in the "USA"!!! 

Oreck "Orbiter" Multi-Purpose Floor Machine - Rediscover the hidden beauty of your floors.  The Orbitor makes your ceramic tile, marble, and hardwood floors look better than micro-fiber mops.  

Bissell "PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 - Give your floors a shinny, sanitized clean* with the steam controled Bissell.  Has a flip-down easy scrubber, you can even clean grout lines.  See Bissell vs. competition. | 970-759-5410