An Orderly Office

HERE'S AN IDEA:   let's buy for the holidays from small local businesses and self-employed people.  For example, from your neighbor who sells on-line, the local crafts person who makes jewelry, from the girl who has knitted a scarf at a local gift shop, your friend, Yvonne who makes personal calendars, or purchasing a cleaning service coupon for an elderly person that has just had surgery...  

Let's make sure that money goes to individual people and not multi-national companies.

This way more LOCAL people will have better holidays! :)

OHO - Local First Coupon 10 off.pdf OHO - Local First Coupon 10 off.pdf
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OHO - Locals First Coupon Tidy.pdf OHO - Locals First Coupon Tidy.pdf
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Today's Challenge

Do you have family and friends that are often forgotten?   If you would like to tell them that you love them and how thankful you are, here is a kick start. I'm going to challenge you to take the time to write a note to someone special - one person or ten, doesn't matter - and tell them why you are thankful for them!  Here is the link to a printable thank you card.  

Thankful Card Printable {Click Here}