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Tips While You are Here


   Just a few tips while here...

Altitude - your heart is likely to beat faster especially when you exercise if you are not accustomed to the altitude.   Being outdoors you'll have more exposure to UV rays and sunburns are mor likely.  Be sure to stay hydrated and use sunscreen generously.

* While indoors please remove your shoes.

In the summer please use windows and shades to cool your room rather than air conditioning.  

More About Durango

 Durango was founded...

by the Denver and Rio Grande Railway in 1879.  The railroad arrived in Durango on August 5, 1818 By July of 1882 the tracks to Silverton were completed, and the train began hauling both freight and passengers.  Gold brought many of the first settlers to Durango, in the Animas River Valley of Colorado.  Trains were essential transportation of the day, bringing supplies in and gold or out.  Much of the gold is probably still hidden out there in the San Juan Mountains, but passengers soon realized it was the view that was truly precious.

The Durango Silverton Narrow Guage Railroad celebrated its 125th year of continuous operation in 2006 and continues to be a favorite attraction.

 Tourist attraction...

Durango draws thousands of tourists year-round for the myriad outdoor recreational activities and scenic beauty.  Mountain bikers, rafters, kayakers, horseback riders, rock climbers, hikers, campers, hunters and fishermen are drawn to the two-million acre San Juan National Forest and to the San Juan mountains, the largest range in the Rockies. But the city's biggest tourist draw is the nine-hour historic train ride in a vintage steam locomotive.  Children and train buffs relish the chance to climb into a locomotive and pore over the memorabilia at the museum.  Skiers flock to the Durango Mountain Resort in the winter to ski and board and in the winter months.

Durango is a mountain biker's playground and the famous Iron Horse Classic bicycle race draws bikers from the all over the nation each summer.  

About The Iron Horse


Over 100 Years of Cycling in DurangoThe Iron Horse Bicycle Classic was the brain child of Tom Mayer and his older brother Jim. Jim worked as a brakeman on the D & R G W railroad which had run the steam powered locomotive between Durango and Silverton since the 1880's. Tom was a young bicycle enthusiast who grew up alongside the tracks to Silverton.

Tom challenged Jim to a race to Silverton. As the train came by the house, the steam whistle screamed and Tom climbed on his trusty steel framed 10 speed and pedaled up over the rim of the old volcano and descended into the caldera to the mining town of Silverton.


About The Strater Hotel

BUILT IN 1887The Strater Hotel is one of Durango's prominent landmarks.  A Cleveland pharmacist named Henry Strater had the vision and faith that Durango would prosper and with this it would need a grand hotel.  The Strater Hotel is the home of the Durango Melodrama, Henry Strater Theatre, The Office Spiritorium, Diamond Belle Saloon, Mahogany Grille, and The Strater Catering & Events.

 Stroll down main...

Downtown Durango has many splendid restorations.  You'll find many of the original buildings used by the pioneers are still standing.