Vacation Homes and Rental Services, Durango Colorado

Our Services:

Let us be of service! We are professional, knowledgeable, and offer personalized assistance.  Our knowledge of the area and our established relationships with contractors and subcontractors is a plus.  We are always looking to exceed the clients expectations and offer complete confidentiality along with our exceptional service!

We'd be happy to handle any arrangements for you.  If you would like to have something done that isn't listed here please ask.  

 ~bobi 970-759-5410

Cleaning and Setup Services for Vacation Homes and Rentals


We offer a wide range of services.  We will help design a customized checklist of duties that is completely tailored to your specific needs. 

 Organize Drawers
 Clean BBQ Grills
 Complete Housekeeping Services
 Refill Supplies
 Grocery Delivery and Stocking Cupboards
 Hauling Trash
 Full Report of Any Damages

Other Services:

 Fresh Flowers or Gift Services
 Outdoor Furniture Placement
 Errand Running, Prepared Meal Deliveries, Help in Receiving Deliveries
 Scheduled Checkups on Heating, Plumbing, Electricity and Security Systems 
 Holiday Decorating
 Plant Care - Indoor and Exterior 
 Airport Shuttle Service
Note: if you are looking for something to do during your stay... ride the train, see a show, go for a hike or ride the zip line, plan a sleigh ride, chuck wagon adventures or a mountain picnic, fly-fishing guides, kids activities, restaurant reservations... the list is endless! Click on "Durango Adventures" above.