Concierge Services

Hi,we would simply LOVE to help you get everything on your list done today!!!  

Need areas that have turned into clutter re-organized?  We are dedicated to helping folks work towards being a bit more organized.  We can help tackle small projects one at a time and offer a few organizing tricks. 


Our Organizational Services

Are you having a few Orderly Visions and need help in getting started?  

OH&O can organize many areas in your home. We transform rooms into spaces that are both beautiful and functional and are designed to serve the needs of your household. We make organizing FUN and we get the job done with ease. 

The beauty is our strategies are simple, many are inexpensive and the systems are easy to maintain once set up.  Our approach to organizing will reduce personal and family stress. 

We excel in many areas:  Residential Organizing, Office Organizing, Unpack and Organize, Downsizing, Distributions of Donations, Merging Households, Preparing Home for the New Baby...

Action Plan: Take time to evaluate your current situation and make plans to discuss what is working well and which areas tend to create problems then we will create a plan and put new systems in place that will increase efficiency in your home. 

HOW TO ACHIEVE BEST RESULTS, RE-EVALUATE: It is best to express how new systems are working for you.  

How We Can Help... Unpacking Boxes, Organizing, Downsizing, Distributions of Donations, Merging Households, Preparing Your Home for the New Baby, Storage and Garage Areas

NOTE: Jobs located more than 5 miles from the cleaner's / organizer's home office will incur an additional Travel Fee to cover mileage, gas, time, and airline travel if necessary.

Organized Projects


Garage and Storage Project 

Clients garage before we got started. 

 Setup shelving,  sorted and organized into totes.


Other Needs on Occassion?

Is your "To Do" list out of control?  Need help running errands?  To many things to be done?  Well let'z gett'r done!

Pet feeding and walking
Home Organization
Picking up tickets (theater, concert, etc.)
Laundry/dry cleaning pickup/drop off
Post Office errands
Prescription pickup and delivery
Delivering meals from great restaurants 
Scheduling and coordinating contractors
Collect and deliver vehicles for servicing/repair
Internet research
Product and price comparisons
Appointment scheduling
Waiting for home deliveries/service calls
Water plants
Pick up mail and newspapers
Department of Motor Vehicles
Collecting Quotes for Home Repair/Improvements
Maid Service Coordination 
Hosting Garage Sales
Preparing a home for sale
Grocery shopping
Household management
Car cleaning 

Gift shopping
Unique gift wrapping
Locate hard-to-find items
Holiday shopping help
Return gifts
Accompanied shopping 

Office organization
Delivery of gourmet meals
Data entry
Meet and greet services
Gift purchasing and delivery
Office decorating
Secretarial or administrative services
Banking and postal services